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Low Voltage 3 Phase Motor
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Low Voltage 3 Phase Motor

Class F insulation.
Low vibration precision process, energy balance. Class N vibration ,up of IEC34-14.
3 phase motor is designed against international characteristics and quality spec. Low noise, long validity motor is the most economic tools.
Design standard: IEC B JIS, low vibration, low noise.
Class F insulation, class B temperature rise A S.F. 1.0 up, full load temperature low, long insulation validity.
Protection enclosure IP54 A dust resistant B water resistant. Approved by international spec and more safety.
Congruent safety spec. CE mark is available for the same spec at Europe market
@Product SerialG AEHL / AEUL Serial Specification
Power (HP) 1/4~125UP
Poles (P)G 2B4B6
Valtage(V)G 600HU
Frequency (HZ)G 50B60
Frame SizeG 63~250
ProtectionG IP54
Insulation ClassG
Frame Size 63~112M E class
Frame Size 132S~180M B class
Frame Size 180L~250M F class
Manufactured per IEC standard size
The characteristics are conformed to CNS2934 C4088.
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