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Now, our environment needs energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions to protect our earth.  For the motors, why our motors need high efficiency to operate, it is because the motors’ operation occupies electricity of industry usage for most part and also occupies total electricity of developed countries’ usage for most part.  Economic Department Energy Bureau is thinking usage of motors application equipments heavy consume electricity usage in industry to ask relative organization to execute application skill and promotion plan of high efficiency motors.  Hope to effectively promote usage efficiency of energy for the motors application equipments and reduce unnecessary energy waste.

The motors are the main power of industry, which conform to CNS14400 energy efficiency standard, American EPAct or European EFF1 efficiency and save electricity 2%~8% than general efficiency motors.

The prices of high efficiency motors are higher than one of general efficiency motors for 20%.  But because the lifetime for motor is about 20years, the electricity expense occupies 97% of motors’ lifetime using cost and purchasing expense occupies only 2%.  For users, to choose high efficiency systems which electricity expense saving benefits will be higher a lot than purchasing expense.

We, QIN WEI, producing EFF1 can increase motor’s efficiency and energy savings and bring more benefits.  Please support EFF1 motors to contribute your effort for protection earth.



The following is we calculate how much we can save if we use high efficiency motor.
How to calculate the electricity expense:
E1: general efficiency, E2: high efficiency
(1) Total cost=initial purchase cost+operation cost
(2) Saving cost of yearly electricity operation (change E1 to E2 )
KW x (100/E1-100/E2) x hours x unit price/degree
(3) Calculation:
For example: 37KW, 4P,60HZ, 220V yearly use 8,000 hours
Change general efficiency 92% to high efficiency 94.5%;
Money savings:
37 x (100/92-100/94.5) x 8,000 x 2.5= NTD22,200


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