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High Efficiency Motor
ˇ@B 5
ˇ@ Low Voltage
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High Efficiency Motor (Eff.1 Motor)

High efficiency~ increase energy workability, loss less 10%~30% than standard, the more motor running, the more energy saving.
Low vibration ~ precision process, energy balance, low vibration.
Low noise~ high efficiency motor is less loss, lower Mag Flux Density, precision process, energy balance and low noise.
3 phase motor is designed against international characteristics and quality spec. Low noise, long validity motor is the most economic tools.
Design standard: IEC ˇB JIS ˇB CNS. Critical structure design, low vibration, low noise.
Class F insulation, class B temperature rise, S.F. 1.0 up ˇA full load temperature low, long insulation validity.
Protection enclosure IP54, dust resistance ˇB water resistance. Approved by international spec and more safety.
Congruent safety spec. CE mark is available for the same spec at Europe market
ˇ@Product SerialˇGAEHL / AEUL Serial(JIS/CNS Serial) Specification
Power (HP) 1/4~100
Poles (P)ˇG 2ˇB4ˇB6
Valtage(V)ˇG 200~570
Frequency (HZ)ˇG 50ˇB60
Frame SizeˇG 63~350
ProtectionˇG IP54
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